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Programs of Study

Bachelor of Biblical Studies (Four Year Program)

For the most thorough grounding in Biblical Studies, combined with practical training in the several areas of Christian ministry, a candidate for this degree must successfully complete a minimum of 128 semester hours (1600 clock hours). Graduates may enter directly into professional Christian service.

Associate of Biblical Studies (Two Year Program)

This program, requiring successful completion of a minimum of 64 semester hours (800 clock hours) includes the more essential elements of the four year program, to Biblically equip the person who is choosing to follow a career path in another discipline. It also is the program leading to the Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree for candidates who transfer to Florida Bible College with sufficient acceptable hours earned elsewhere.

"Foundations" Certificate of Biblical Studies (One Year Program)

For the student who wants a foundation in Biblical studies and the basics of ministry preparation, this 32 semester hour (400 clock hours) program may be completed in two semesters (one year).

"Elements of Biblical Studies" Evening School Certificate (Two Year Program)

This certificate is award to students who successfully complete 8 semester hours* for credit in the Florida Bible College evening institute. Evening institute courses are patterned after the day school courses, but are either one- or two- semester hours* each. (Classes meet for two fifty-minute periods one day each week for a fifteen week semester.) Note: evening school credits count as elective credits toward day school program graduation requirements, but a evening school one- or two- semester hour* version of a required three semester hour* day school course is not an acceptable substitute for the more thorough day school course.

Core Requirements
For all day school certificate or degree programs (one, two, or four years):
Course ID Description Semester Hours*
BI 101 John 2
BI 331/332 Apocalyptic Books 1 or 2 2
ME 111 Personal Evangelism 3
ME 112 Cults & Religions Evangelism 3
TH 111/112 Bible Doctrine 1 & 2 6
TH 131 Christian Evidences 2
TH 151 Spiritual Life 2
TH 152/172 Ethics (Men) or Values (Women) 2
TH 192 Biblical Introduction 2
Total Hours 22

BBS & ABS Programs (two or four years):
Course ID Description Semester Hours*
BI 212 Galatians 2
BI 232 Pastoral Epistles 2
BI 312 Romans 2
211 Public Speaking 2
FM 111 Music Philosophy & Fundamentals 1
FM 130 Choir 1
PM 221/222 Leadership for Men / for Women 2
TH 311 Hermeneutics 2
TH 312 Contemporary Theology 2
TH 432 Apologetics 2
Total Hours 18

BBS Program (four years):
Course ID Description Semester Hours*
BI 213/214 Major & Minor Prophets 4
BI 252 Matthew 2
BI 272 Acts 2
BI 311 Pentateuch 2
BI 331/332 Apocalyptic Books 1 and 2
(Previous two, plus)
BI 334 Hebrews 2
BI 351 General Epistles 2
BI 371/372 Historical Books 1 & 2 4
BI 431 Corinthians 2
BI 451 Prison Epistles 2
BI 452 Life of Christ 2
BI 471/472 Poetical Books 1 & 2 4
BL 211/212 New Testament Greek 1 & 2** 6
TH 231 Bible Study Methods 2
TH 411/412 Systematic Theology 1 & 2 8
SO 311 Church History 2
SO 312 Education History & Philosophy 2
CE 102 Survey of Church Ministries 2
ME 411 Introduction to Missions 2
CO 111,112 English Composition 4
Total Hours 56

*One semester-hour is equal to one fifty-minute class-period meeting each week for at least fifteen weeks.

**Students may substitute ME 211/212 Missionary Language

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