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Our Bible College students love Spring Break -

and give it away, every year - to serve as Camp counselors at the


hosted by Dr. Wally Morillo in Leakey, Texas, (just west of San Antonio) with Evangelist Freddie Coile and others. They load up in cars (6 guys, 3 gals), and drive out Saturday, arriving in time to get a little rest before Camp starts on Monday morning. When Camp ends on Friday, they clean up, and load up, and drive back, to be in church here in Tampa on Sunday morning - and back in classes the following Monday. All for the love of the teenagers who come to the Camp, lost, or saved and without direction...We have two new freshmen who are committed to going this year, as well as five upperclassmen, and our staff member who was a senior last year!

We try to make this trip cost the workers nothing but their time - so we ask for God's people to consider contributing to cover the cost of the trip - fuel, and food... We have had a generous contribution already, but will need a few hundred dollars more.

"Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account...".

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