Children’s Ministries
CM 212Child Growth & DevelopmentSemester Hours: 2
Spiritual, mental, social, emotional and physical growth of children; the needs in each of five age groups, as related to family, school, and discipline.
CM 213/214Children in the Church 1,2Semester Hours: 2,2
Outreach, evangelism, training (Sunday School, clubs), worship, summers, bus ministry – from the nursery to adolescence, how to do it.
CM 440Bible Club PracticumSemester Hours: 1
Seminar and sharing time for students actively participating in and leading children’s Bible clubs. Credit based on both class time and field work.
CM 441Object Lessons, Puppets and GamesSemester Hours: 2
How to use object lessons to effectively teach, hold attention and make memorable points; how to make and use puppets; the purposes and ways to use games.
CM 462Senior Children’s Worker SeminarSemester Hours: 2
Seminar covering the problems and situations that arise in children’s ministries.
BBS & ABS Programs (two or four years):
Course IDDescriptionSemester Hours*
BI 212Galatians2
BI 232Pastoral Epistles2
BI 312Romans2
CO 211Public Speaking2
FM 111Music Philosophy & Fundamentals1
PM 221/222Leadership for Men / for Women2
TH 121/122Hermeneutics 1 & 26
TH 312Contemporary Theology2
TH 432Apologetics2

 Total Hours21
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