FBC Online

Live Streaming

If a student is unable to attend in person, courses may be viewed live online via video conferencing at no additional cost. The student needs a computer or mobile device with a consistent high speed internet connection, a video camera, and a microphone.

View Live Course Times

Live streaming provides a better, more interactive learning experience. The student is able to participate in classroom discussions, ask and answer questions.


If a student is not available at the time the course is taught, or if a student misses a live class (“excused absence”) – the streamed class may be viewed after the time it was live. Students report their attendance by this method to the instructor.


We are in an ongoing process of placing complete courses online for students to take at a time of their own convenience.

A catalog of archived courses and costs can be found here:

Courses for Credit

Courses for Audit *

* Auditing is a privilege – the cost is reduced; but the student may only participate in the class at the discretion of the instructor. Notes, quizzes, and tests may or may not be provided. No records of attendance nor grades will be kept.

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