Graduation Requirements

Upon satisfactory completion of all requirements, students will be awarded the diploma or certificate earned.

  • The candidate for graduation must satisfactorily complete the required number of semester hours* prescribed by the college for the degree or certificate he seeks. The required CORE COURSES for any program must be satisfactorily completed. TRANSFER CREDITS of the CORE COURSES will be accepted only by examination.
  • The candidate must give evidence of a consistent Christian lifeĀ and faithful, effective Christian service.
  • The candidate must settle all financial accounts.
  • “Satisfactory completion” means a cumulative quality point average of at least 2.0. During the Junior and Senior years (after a student has completed 64 semester hours*), only grades of C or better are accepted toward the graduation requirements.
Graduation Academic HonorsCumulative QPA
Summa Cum Laude4.00-3.76
Magna Cum Laude3.75-3.51
Cum Laude3.50-3.26
Highest QPA in a class of at least threeValedictorian
Second Highest QPA in a class of at least threeSalutatorian

*One semester-hour is equal to one fifty-minute class-period meeting each week for at least fifteen weeks.

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