Division of Liberal Arts

CO 111,112English Grammar and CompositionSemester Hours*: 4
Fundamental course designed to establish the student’s skill in grammar, logic, research, and writing both creative and expository.
CO 211Public SpeakingSemester Hours: 2
Study and practice of basic public speaking principles and skills.
CO 320Journalism & PublicationsSemester Hours: 1
Training and application in writing and publication for a ministry, combining lectures and production of college publications. May be repeated for credit.
Fine Arts and Music
FM 111Music Philosophy & FundamentalsSemester Hours: 2
Combines Biblical philosophy of music, with fundamentals of notation, scales, intervals, rhythm, conducting, and tonality.
FM 120Basic GuitarSemester Hours: 1
Elementary training in the guitar, with emphasis on its use in worship situations.
FM 130ChoirSemester Hours: 1
Ensemble course covering vocal and choral technique through participation in practice and performance.
FM 140Guitar PedagogySemester Hours: 2
Comprehensive course in the art of teaching the guitar, introducing and practicing methods and building repertoire.
FM 320Church MusicSemester Hours: 2
How to build a Biblical and effective modern church worship music program.
FM 321,322Music Theory 1,2Semester Hours: 4
Brief review of the basics of FM 111, followed by study of harmonic progression, inversions, figured basses, altered chords, cadences, and 18th century and contemporary harmony.
FM 331,332Sight Singing & Ear Training 1,2Semester Hours: 2
Course for the development of reading intervals at sight and comprehending pitch and rhythm together.
FM 340Applied PianoSemester Hours: 1
Private piano instruction emphasizing a thorough technical foundation and a repertoire of sacred and classical music. Instruction available at all levels. May be repeated for credit.
FM 341HymnologySemester Hours: 2
Study of the development of hymns and hymn tunes, and analysis.
FM 342Church Music HistorySemester Hours: 2
Study of music in worship from Bible times to the present, including current trends.
FM 350Composition PracticumSemester Hours: 2
Seminar for students actively working in the composition of music.
FM 360Applied OrganSemester Hours: 1
Private instruction planned to develop proper practice methods and the acquisition of a good knowledge of organ literature and composers along with the building of a repertoire suitable for worship and recital. Prerequisite: satisfactory piano technique. May be repeated for credit.
FM 380Applied VoiceSemester Hours: 1
Private instruction beginning with the basics of breath and tone production and advancing into development of interpretation and building of a repertoire. May be repeated for credit.
FM 421,422Music Theory 3,4Semester Hours: 4
Study of melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic dictation, advanced harmony (modulation, altered chords, contrapuntal harmony) and keyboard harmony (including triads and chords of the seventh).
FM 431,432Sight Singing and Ear Training 3,4Semester Hours: 2
Continuation of FM 331,332.
FM 440Piano PedagogySemester Hours: 2
Comprehensive course in the art of teaching piano through an introduction to the keyboard, methods, and repertoire.
FM 441Music Teaching MethodsSemester Hours: 2
Course designed to prepare the future music instructor with a Biblical philosophy and Biblically-integrated approach to teaching music. Covers the general music classroom, choral teaching, instrumental teaching, music appreciation, and other advanced courses. Includes specifics of curriculum, budget planning and inventory, A-V aids, educational materials, and classroom observation methods.
FM 442Choral ConductingSemester Hours: 1
Training in basic conducting skills relating to the average evangelistic choir; practical skills for organizing a church music program.
FM 460Organ PedagogySemester Hours: 2
Comprehensive course in the art of teaching organ through an introduction to the keyboard, methods and repertoire.
FM 462Senior Music SeminarSemester Hours: 2
The capstone course for the minor in Church Music, a roundtable discussion of methodology and problems in a music ministry.
FM 480Voice PedagogySemester Hours: 2
Course designed to train students to become effective voice teachers, both for private students and voice classes. The major foundations of singing development are covered, including breathing, pronunciation, posture, pitch, tone.
Social Science
SO 311 Church History Semester Hours: 2
Historical survey of the Christian church’s development from the time of the apostles to the present.
SO 312 History and Christian Philosophy of Education Semester Hours: 2
Survey of the development of education through the ages, with emphasis on the development and principles of Christian education. Pre-requisite: SO-311.
SO 351 Introduction to Christian Counseling Semester Hours: 2
Introduction to counseling from a pastor’s perspective.
SO 352 Introduction to Christian Psychology Semester Hours: 2
Introduction to general psychology from a Christian perspective.
SO 411,412 Western Civilization 1,2 Semester Hours: 4
Survey of the history of western culture, from the creation of man to the present, comparing the secular record with Biblical revelation.
*One semester-hour is equal to one fifty-minute class-period meeting each week for at least fifteen weeks.
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