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Division of Practical Theology

Christian Education

CE 102 Survey of Church Ministries Semester Hours*: 2
The aims, principles, organization & development of church outreach programs and ministries.

CE 203 Survey of Women's Ministries Semester Hours: 1
The many and varied opportunities for women to serve in the work of the Lord. Women only.

CE 212 Child Growth and Development Semester Hours: 2
Spiritual, mental, social, emotional and physical growth of children; the needs in each of five age groups, and related to family, school, and discipline.

CE 321 Educational Psychology Semester Hours: 2
Examination of various learning theories and Biblical emphasis on the individuality of the learning experience.

CE 322 Organization & Management Semester Hours: 2
Organizational and managerial theory and practical tools for Christian leaders and workers.

CE 331 Principles of Teaching Semester Hours: 2
Concepts and responsibilities or teachers and learners; the teaching process, the learning process, and mistakes and violations in classrooms at all levels.

CE 342 General Curriculum Semester Hours: 2
Development of educational objectives and goals, curriculum patterns and trends, and classroom implementation and evaluation.

CE 402 Women Teaching Women Semester Hours: 2
Specific development of the principles of teaching for women in ministry.

CE 411 Materials & Methods Semester Hours: 2
Preparation of teaching materials, unit and lesson planning, classroom procedures. Includes evaluation of audio-visual aids and practicality of available teaching materials.

CE 421 Tests & Measurements Semester Hours: 2
Techniques of evaluation and grading; principles of test construction, item analysis, validity and reliability.

CE 422 Principles of Discipleship Semester Hours: 2
Study in leading others to a mature and fruitful Christian life. Development of the principle found in 2 Timothy 2:2: teaching believers to disciple other "faithful men".

CE 430 Student Teaching Semester Hours: 6
Observing, and actually teaching in a Christian school classroom under the supervision of the classroom teacher and a college faculty member.

Children's Ministries

CM 212 Child Growth & Development Semester Hours: 2
Spiritual, mental, social, emotional and physical growth of children; the needs in each of five age groups, as related to family, school, and discipline.

CM 213/214 Children in the Church 1,2 Semester Hours: 2,2
Outreach, evangelism, training (Sunday School, clubs), worship, summers, bus ministry - from the nursery to adolescence, how to do it.

CM 440 Bible Club Practicum Semester Hours: 1
Seminar and sharing time for students actively participating in and leading children's Bible clubs. Credit based on both class time and field work.

CM 441 Object Lessons, Puppets and Games Semester Hours: 2
How to use object lessons to effectively teach, hold attention and make memorable points; how to make and use puppets; the purposes and ways to use games.

CM 462 Senior Children's Worker Seminar Semester Hours: 2
Seminar covering the problems and situations that arise in children's ministries.

Ministry Administration

MA 111 Office Operations Semester Hours: 1
Practical, hands-on introduction to the nuts and bolts of making work flow smoothly through an office of any kind.

MA 112 Communications Media Semester Hours: 1
Hands-on involvement with broadcast via radio, television, the web and other technologies. Effective use of telephone evangelism.

MA 211/212 Technology & Web Tools 1,2 Semester Hours: 4
Detailed course in building an effective web presence. Look into the future to anticipate how to have a ministry presence around the world in the coming decades.

MA 311 Advertising and Graphics Design Semester Hours: 2
Development of graphics design skills using modern tools, and evaluation of relative effectiveness of the variety of advertising media.

MA 462 Senior Administration Seminar Semester Hours: 2
Seminar covering the problems and situations that arise in the ministries of administration.

Missions and Evangelism

ME 111 Personal Evangelism Semester Hours: 3
Detailed and comprehensive study of the plan of salvation with Scriptural and practical methods of sharing this message. Emphasis on Scripture memorization.

ME 112 Cults & Religions Evangelism Semester Hours: 3
Survey of major world cults and religions comparing doctrines with those of the Bible. Stress on defending Biblical truth against false teaching, and evangelizing those blinded by it.

ME 221/222 Missionary Language 1,2 Semester Hours: 3,3
An introductory course designed to acquaint the student with the basic grammar and syntax of Spanish (or another foreign language) as a preparation for evangelistic and church-planting work in a field requiring a different language.

ME 311 Introduction to World Missions Semester Hours: 2
Study of the Biblical basis of missions, with principles to guide the church in fulfilling its commission to evangelize the world. The practical operation of current world missions.

ME 320 Child Evangelism Semester Hours: 2
Designed to help students specialize in winning children to Christ and training them to serve Him. Involvement in a children's ministry is expected.

ME 341 Perspectives Semester Hours: 1
A missions course, how every believer can be intimately woven into the story of God using His people to be a blessing to all the peoples of the earth.

ME 342 Cross-Cultural Exposure Semester Hours: 2
Learning from specialists who work locally with international groups, and a six-day trip (NTM "Wayumi") to learn adaptations to reach across cultural boundaries. (Additional cost $249 + RT fare to course location)

ME 361 "Least-of-these" Evangelism Semester Hours: 2
Classroom instruction and hands-on experience at evangelism in jails & prisons, hospitals, hospice, rescue missions and homeless ministries, addiction rehab ministries.

ME 362 Traveling Evangelism Semester Hours: 1
How to take the gospel on the road, including church "revivals", fairground ministries, beach event ministries, city-wide campaigns, prophecy campaigns.

ME 462 Senior Missions and Evangelism Seminar Semester Hours: 2
Discussion seminar covering the topics, problems and situations that arise in actual pastoral ministry.

Pastoral Ministry

PM 221 Leadership Semester Hours: 2
Nuts and bolts of leadership in ministry, built on the truths of Scripture, and years of experience.

PM 222 Leadership Development for Women Semester Hours: 2
Biblical and practical guidance for the many opportunities for women to lead in the various ministries of God's work.

PM 321 Pastor's Books and Tools Semester Hours: 1
Filing and library science for the pastor or Christian worker, with survey of recommended books and authors. Also technological tools for study.

PM 322 Preaching Semester Hours: 2
Critical analysis of sermon construction with emphasis on Biblical content, structural unity, motivational power, application, and calling for decisions. Class hours divided between lectures and lab time for preaching practice and observation.

PM 341 Church Planting Semester Hours: 2
How to go into an area and establish a healthy, growing church.

PM 340 Village Missions Application & Evaluation Semester Hours: 1
Travel to VM candidate school or regional office and complete VM application and evaluation process. Credit based on evaluation by VM supervisors.

PM 360 Summer Pastoral Internship Semester Hours: 2-6
Spend one to three months as a pastoral intern at a sound church. Credit based on time invested and evaluation by supervising pastor.

PM 401 Women's Ministry Practicum Semester Hours: 1
Seminar for those actively involved in women’s ministry work, in or out of church. Credit based on both class time and field work.

PM 421 Pastoral Psychology Semester Hours: 2
Objective look at the Biblical counselor and his ministry; different approaches in counseling, and practical applications in ministry setting.

PM 422 Senior Pastoral Seminar Semester Hours: 2
Discussion seminar covering the topics, problems and situations that arise in actual pastoral ministry.

Youth Ministry

YM 321 Youth Leadership Semester Hours: 2
Basic course in youth ministry, with principles and practical strategies for building youth ministries in and out of church.

YM 342 Conference Planning Semester Hours: 1
Organizing, staffing and running a conference in connection with a youth ministry.

YM 343 Conference Counseling Lab Semester Hours: 1
Field course based on actual participation as a counselor in a youth conference setting. Supervision and written reports are the basis for credit.

YM 420 Youth Work Practicum Semester Hours: 1
Seminar for those actively participating in youth work, in or out of church. Credit based on both class time and field work.

YM 421 Youth Psychology Semester Hours: 2
In-depth look into the minds of junior high and senior high age adolescents, to understand their problems and to minister effectively to them.

YM 462 Senior Youth Seminar Semester Hours: 2
Discussion seminar covering the issues and relative effectiveness of methods in starting and in continuing a youth ministry, in or out of church.

*One semester-hour is equal to one fifty-minute class-period meeting each week for at least fifteen weeks.

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