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Academic Standards

A student may take no more than eighteen semester hours each semester without special permission.

All courses attempted and completed become part of the student's permanent record, and will show on any transcript of credits issued. Courses in which a student receives a grade of D or F may be repeated. In such cases, the lower grade will be disregarded and only the higher grade and corresponding quality points will be taken into consideration for computation of grade point average and meeting graduation requirements.

Academic standards will be maintained at a recognized college level. A grade average of C (78%) or GPA of 1.5 or above is required for a student to continue as a regular student, or to hold any student office or position of leadership in ministry. When a student's work falls below this standard, he is placed in a probation status. Failure to improve grades while in probation status may result in dismissal from the college.

Without exception, when a student knows he is doing substandard or failing work, he should seek to meet with the instructor or instructors of his classes, for special assignments which might be assigned and completed to help raise the student's grades. Delay in seeking such help can easily mean it will be too late for such help to be given. Each teacher establishes his own policy on such matters.

Academic Probation Progression

  1. First Probation – after the first semester of below standard (less than C average).

  2. Second Probation – after the second semester of below standard work. Student will not be allowed to attempt more than twelve semester hours during the following semester.

  3. Third Probation – after the third semester of below standard work. Student will not be allowed to attempt more than six semester hours during the following semester.

  4. Academic Dismissal – after the fourth semester of below standard work. The student is dismissed from the school.


After a student is dismissed for substandard work, he may only be readmitted to the college after interview and counsel with both the Registrar and the President.

Grading System

Letter Percentage Points
A 100-94 4
B 93-86 3
C 85-78 2
D 77-70 1
F 69 or below 0
FA "Failure due to excess absences" 0
WP "Withdrawn while passing" Not Computed
WF "Withdrawn while failing" Not Computed

Style Requirements

Papers are required to be completed in accordance with a standard style manual such as Kate Turabian's Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses and Dissertations, and are generally expected to be computer-generated, not hand written.

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